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Curtis Falany, P.E., President

J. B. Shepherd & Company, Inc.
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Fred E. Medley
Senior Consultant


Fred Medley brings highly valuable experience to the J. B. Shepherd and Company, Inc. team with his insight into the motivation, performance and persona of the skilled electrical worker. He has the ability to view the worker and the work product from the perspective of both trade and management. He has encountered and solved virtually all personnel, materials and standards challenges facing the electric utility construction industry. Although Fred has no formal training in the behavioral sciences, he has a valuable depth of application experience that is not available through the most highly credentialed Industrial Psychologist.

Fred began his career in electric utility construction in 1967 after completing a tour of duty with the U. S. Marines in Viet Nam where he was a tank crewman and instructor. He returned home to Ohio where he trained with American Electric Power Company, attaining the rank of Journeyman Lineman in 1969. Fred moved with his family to Florida in 1972 and joined Florida Power Corporation with headquarters in Winter Park. He was quickly promoted to Line Foreman and progressed through General Line Foreman to Line Superintendent. In that capacity, Fred had responsibility for all of the electric utility distribution construction and maintenance in the fast growing Central Florida hospitality area serving theme parks, hotels and residential developments of multi-million dollar homes. In 1994, Fred's management skills were further recognized and he was promoted to Distribution Manager with supervisory responsibility for a larger operating area and a department of graduate and Professional Engineers.

Following his retirement from Florida Power Corporation in 2001, Fred has assisted J. B. Shepherd and Company, Inc in consultation with industry and the legal profession. He is currently assisting in analysis of the electrical distribution system owned by the U. S. Air Force serving the Cape Canaveral missile launch facility.